Towanna Burrous Freeman is highly sought after coach, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. While also living her purpose as a community mentor working with at-risk teenage girls, Towanna is also known as a trusted partner and problem-solver for many clients all over the world, tackling issues and aspects to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives.

This is what Towanna Burrous Freeman does. It is her purpose. It is her success.

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Towanna is one of the most brilliant and capable life coaches in America today. Her insights as a mom, wife and professional have given me valuable inputs into my own life and business.  Towanna is also highly effective at teaching life coaches how to become more efficient and successful professionals. All of our worlds are made better when given a chance to interact with Towanna.

Dr. Boyce Watkins I Founder, Your Black World Coalition

Towanna has an amazing ability to cut to the root of what holds us back from accomplishing our goals. She has a keen sense of directiveness, balanced with empowerment and faith that leads people to reach their truest potential. Towanna is an amazing coach, woman and facilitator of change.

Jennifer Barley I Professional Certified Coach


  • Trust
  • Family
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Order


  • To Inspire
  • To Help You “Do Something” vs “Do Nothing”
  • To Lead and Be an Example for Working Moms
  • To Lead and Be an Example for Coaching Professionals


  • Coachable & Motivated
  • Wanting More out of Life and your Business
  • Enterprising and Willing to do the Work Required
  • Willing & Able to Invest in your Business Success
Advocate for Teen Girls (
Established Management Consultancy (Towanna Freeman & Associates)
Wrote Purposeful Action : 7 Steps to Fulfillment
Founded the Black Life Coaches Network (
Created BLCLife (
Founded the CoachDiversity Insitute (

"Your career should be an expression of who you are, your values, personal interests, and passions.”"

− Towanna Freeman

"Without vision or knowing how to attain your vision, you are simply living, working, and existing beneath your true potential."

− Towanna Freeman

Private Business Mentor Coaching

In today’s competitive business market, it is critical that you find the right business model and systems in place before you spend too many resources on the wrong activities.  Use this private session to ask Towanna questions that can drive paying clients to your business.

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Private Executive Coaching for Women

As a former senior manager at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Towanna found that the greatest asset in leading teams and managing projects is not found in the technical tools and procedures but in the skillfully relating to people. If you want one-on-one support book a private session.

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Private VIP Coaching & Mentoring

This one-on-one, coaching and mentoring program is for those willing to shift their mindset and create an achievable plan of action that will immediately raise the bar on the way you’re currently building your life personally and professionally.  Book your private session with Towanna

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