Women and young girls receive help from Towanna Burrous Freeman to effectively identify and pursue personal goals in their quest toward obtaining more fulfilling lives. This is what Towanna does. It is her purpose. It is her success. So much, in fact, that she has co-authored an award winning book, Purposeful Action, 7 Steps to Fulfillment, which reveals a seven-step method for identifying and effectively pursuing personal and professional goals. This book was written to specifically help women seeking to live that abundant and purposeful life everyone wants.

In Purposeful Action, 7 Steps to Fulfillment, Towanna Burrous Freeman guide readers through an active process of self-discovery toward the creation of a purposeful plan of action for success and fulfillment – and a real life. The books and the processes it describes enable and empower readers to think about (and then act upon) what a fulfilled, purposeful and, ultimately, happy life means to them.

Throughout the journey of Purposeful Action, readers follow Nicole and Carol, two women who decided it was time to live the lives they really wanted. Throughout the book, both women are referenced in real-world scenarios and situations that allow the ideas of vision, success, fulfillment and purpose to come to life and become all the more effective and inspirational as models for the rest of our lives.

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