"Towanna is a powerful coach, very conscious of the awesome responsibility it is to help people clarify their goals and desires and help them identify the steps to achieve those goals. She has many strengths, but one of them is her ability to vision what her clients declare they want to achieve. In fact, most times she can see it better than they can, then she is patient while they work to embrace their next level experience."

− Deborah Gray-Young

"Dr. Freeman epitomizes what it means to be a servant leader. She has taken BLC from being a ‘business’ to becoming the tide that uplifts the community. Thank you Dr. Freeman for embracing the belief that if the community wins, individuals win as well. "

− Alonzo M. Kelly, President Kelly - Leadership Group, LLC

"Most people can talk about changing the world, but very few can quietly go about doing it. If you have an opportunity to embrace them through a working or friendly relationship, you should do it with everything you have. They will change your life. Towanna is one of those people."

− Jerome James Jr., President - H & H Interactive

Coach Certification Program

Become a certified coach through CoachDiversity Institute’s Coach Training Program. The Coach Training Program focuses on developing a strong coaching foundation aligned with the core competencies of the International Coach Federation. These include competencies for setting the foundation of the coaching relationship, co-creating the coaching relationship with your client, communicating effectively, and facilitating learning and results. By the end of the program, you will have all the skills and tools you need to start your own coaching practice or integrate coaching skills into your current profession.

Business Mentor Coaching for Coaches  (One Hour Private Call)

A successful coaching practice depends largely on excellent coaching skills, the clarity of your vision, an achievable business and marketing plan.  That’s where Towanna steps in.  In one hour, she helps you take a step back and see “the bigger picture” so that you can get a fresh perspective.

You can use your session to discuss:  Starting a Business or Non-Profit Organization; Review Your Coaching Business Model; Strategize Your Sales Funnels; Planning a Product launch; Any internet business challenge you face

Executive Coaching for Women  (One Hour Private Call)

As a former senior manager at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Towanna have found that the greatest asset in leading teams and managing projects is not found in the technical tools and procedures but in the skillfully relating to people.

You can use your session to:  Discuss Company or Team Morale; Employee Retention; Employee Engagement; Professional Training & Development; Any leadership challenge you face

The Center Stage Coach  (Private VIP Program) 

As a proficient Project Manager and intuitive problem solver, Towanna partners with coaching professionals, public figures and social entrepreneurs to develop achievable action plans for a variety of high visibility projects.  She is your  accountability partner to get the project completed right the first time.

Bi-weekly sessions are 60 minutes, by phone for 12 weeks. Each session is recorded for repeat listening.